Secure The News: HTTPS encryption on news websites

Secure The News, a project of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, is designed to track and promote the adoption of HTTPS encryption by major news organizations’ websites.


Our goal is to encourage news websites to adopt HTTPS encryption by default as soon as possible.

The news articles you read can provide intimate details about your interests, your work, and your personal life that you may want to keep private from prying eyes. Without HTTPS, an eavesdropper—whether it’s a snooper on public wifi, or a government collecting information about websites you visit—can trivially see exactly what news articles you read when you go to sites like the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Eavesdropping on people reading the news is a real threat, as demonstrated by the NSA and GCHQ spying on visitors to

HTTPS prevents this type of spying, and while an eavesdropper might be able to determine you visited the New York Times’ website, they wouldn’t be able to see which specific stories you read.


Source: Secure The News