OTA privacy audit: News websites privacy practices need vast improvements

Consumer services websites are improving their privacy practices while news sites need vast improvements. That’s according to Tuesday’s release of the 8th annual Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll. Conducted by the Online Trust Alliance, this wide-ranging audit looks at nearly 1,000 consumer-facing websites to assess their consumer protections, privacy practices, and data security.

(…) news and media sites performed the worst. According to the report, the two main failures stem from incomplete privacy policies and “heavy use of third-party data trackers.” Jeff Wilber, who chairs OTA’s board of directors and helped lead this year’s audit, said during a separate phone interview that news sites are the biggest users of “promiscuous trackers” because their business model is so ad-focused. “Privacy is the biggest issue for them, followed by email authentication and then consumer protection,” he added.


Source: Twitter, Healthcare.gov top OTA privacy audit | IAPP