New York Times Announces Personalization. This is How their Readers Respond

By midyear, The Times will begin an ambitious new effort to customize the delivery of news online by adjusting a reader’s experience to accommodate individual interests. What readers see when they come to The Times will depend on factors like the specific subjects they are most interested in, where they live or how frequently they come to the site.

from the comments:

“I do not want a “bespoke” NYTimes *experience*. I want the news. I want the newspaper with the editorial decisions of what is above the fold important news and what should be on page 12.

I pay for a subscription for a reason: the judgement and experience of the editors and writers that make this paper great. Don’t try to be Facebook or Twitter. Be the New York Times and do it right.”

“Seriously? You picked right now to limit our access and control what we can and can’t see when we most need availability of all information?”

“This sounds like an awful idea.”

Source: A ‘Community’ of One: The Times Gets Tailored – The New York Times