Blog on LSE Media Policy Project Blog

A blog about insights from the 2018 Amsterdam Symposium on News Personalisation was featured on the LSE Media Policy Project Blog.

News organisations all across Europe are facing the same challenge: how to make use of artificial intelligence in a way that saves costs and increases users’ experience, without compromising on quality or the provision of diverse and relevant news. In order to share knowledge about the optimal use of data and algorithmic news recommendations, M.Z. van Drunen (University of Amsterdam), N. Helberger (University of Amsterdam), B. Bodó (University of Amsterdam), J.K. Sørensen (Aalborg University), J.E. Möller (University of Amsterdam), M.B. Bastian (University of Amsterdam), together initiated the 2018 Amsterdam Symposium on News Personalisation, which brought together journalists, editors, technologists and academics to discuss the issue. Here, the authors report back from the symposium.