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This graphic novel may actually motivate you to read the iTunes terms & conditions

American artist Robert Sikoryak thinks he may have found a way to persuade us to read the iTunes terms and conditions: he’s turning them into a graphic novel, aka a lengthy comic. The Tumblr was spotted by TNW.

Sikoryak’s illustrations of the terms span over three volumes, documenting the entire agreement. It jumps between famous illustration styles and includes Steve Jobs as Tin Tin, Snoopy and even superhero Steve Jobs.

I still very much doubt I’m going to read the whole thing, but it’s a safe bet visitors to the Tumblr will read more of it than they ever have before.

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Amsterdam Privacy Week & Amsterdam Privacy Conference

From 23-29 October 2015, Amsterdam will be the place to be for privacy and data protection specialist from across the globe as three renowned international privacy conferences have chosen Amsterdam as their location that week.

* The Amsterdam Privacy Conference APC2015 takes place from 23-26 October.

This unique interdisciplinary conference is taking place at the intimate venue of the Oudemanhuispoort in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is organized by the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research (APPR), an initiative of the University of Amsterdam with active participants from such diverse disciplines as philosophy, law, economics, informatics, social sciences, medical sciences and media sciences. APC 2015 will bring together leading experts in the field of privacy who will formulate, discuss and answer the challenging privacy questions that lie ahead of us.

APC 2015 offers both parallel and keynote sessions. Confirmed keynote speakers are: Anita Allen, Bill Binney, Julie Brill, Gabriella Coleman, Amatai Etzioni, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Deirdre Mulligan, Helen Nissenbaum, Peter Schaar, Max Schrems, Ashkan Soltani and Latanya Sweeney.

Our team member are busy doing the conference.
– We organise a panel on ‘Profiling and targeting in the news sector’, with Neil Richards, Judith Möller, Neil Thurman, and Maurits Martijn.
– Balázs moderates two panels.
– Damian will present the paper ‘Should we worry about filter bubbles?’, by Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, Damian Trilling, Judith Möller, Balázs Bodó, Claes H. de Vreese, and Natali Helberger.
With Solon Barocas (Princeton), Frederik organises a panel on ‘Online Price Discrimination: Good or Bad?’, with Julie Brill (Federal Trade Commission), Chantal Mak, and Colin Bennett.
– Frederik also presents a paper: ‘Online price discrimination and data protection law’.
– Natali is co-chair of the track ‘The Transformation of the public sphere and personalised communication’
– Frederik is chair of the track ‘Privacy in the Information Society’.

* The same week, there is also the PLSC Privacy Law Scholars Conference.
Natali & Frederik will both comment on papers there.

* The 37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference also takes place this week

* On 28 October, the Bits of Freedom organises the Big Brother Awards

Onderzoek Adformatie: helft Nederlanders wil aan de adblocker

Onderzoek Adformatie: helft Nederlanders wil aan de adblocker

De consument staat positief tegenover reclame, maar ergert zich groen en geel aan banners.

De voornaamste voedingsbron voor de animo over adblockers , is irritatie over opdringerige reclame (76%). Andere redenen om adblockers te installeren, zijn ‘langere laadtijd door zware banners, en zorgen over privacy. Het laatste speelt vooral een rol bij jongeren tot 26 jaar. Een derde is bang voor virussen die via banners kunnen worden verspreid.

Source: Onderzoek Adformatie: helft Nederlanders wil aan de adblocker | Adformatie