Author: judith

Bubbles from a historical perspective: PC @ Historisch debat Maastricht

On March 4th Judith will participate in the Historisch Debat organized by the Royal Limburgian History and Ancient History Association to discuss information bubbles and echo chambers as a historical phenomenon. The focus of Judith presentation will be the current debate, the historical perspective will be represented by Angelique Janssens, professor of historical demographiccs at the University of Maastricht.

New research funded: Inside the filter bubble

We were delighted to hear that JEDS/NWO decided to accept our grant proposal for studying personalised online news consumption! In the coming years, our team from the VU, UvA, CWI, and e-Science Center will automatically measure and analyse personalised online news consumption to find out whether online filter bubbles really exist and what effect they have on political knowledge and attitudes.

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New project: Unlocking the potential of news recommenders for an open internet and empowered citizens

The SIDN fonds just announced that our proposal to develop a diversity toolkit to help media organizations to understand and to optimize for the quality and diversity of their recommendations in collaboration with Blendle. Blendle is an innovative Dutch online news platform that offers access to articles from more than 100 publishers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The project will start in early 2018.


Do not blame it on the algorithm at IC2S2

We presented our research on the impact of algorithmic design on diversity of the output at the 3rd International Conference on Computational Social Science in Cologne. Algorithms preform a lot better than we expected, at least when they select articles from a broadsheet newspaper.